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About Greatest Bear Studios

Greatest Bear Studios is an independent video game development team established in 2016, consisting of artist/animator blazing cheeks, writer/coder Ursa Maximus, and musician/recording engineer Fann. We sprang out of the furry scene, which remains a strong but not exclusive influence on our work.

Our focus is creating adult video games that feature uncompromising, explicit gay sexual content without skimping on quality of graphics, gameplay, or sound. We hope that our games awaken something new in even the kinkiest of our players.

After the release of the (award winning?, really?!) Strange Flesh in 2017, we began exploring new technology platforms, themes, and gameplay styles before kicking off development of our next project in earnest mid-2018. It will be announced when we are ready, and released when it's done.

Programmer by day and erotic game programmer by night, Ursa Maximus is acting project manager and lead developer for Greatest Bear. He also writes erotica, bakes, bikes, creates electronic art installations, and occasionally even plays a video game. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA with his husband.